What Are The Best Kids Games On Phone?

What Are The Best Kids Games On Phone?

Smartphones have become an integral part of a kid’s growing process. Kids back in the old days play outdoor and indoor games that needed physical and mobility, but we not ruling out that you kids will be lazy playing mobile game. But there are many benefits of letting your kids play games on your smartphone because if you are a busy parent it will help you stay near your kids and it removes the need to take out your kids.

It is important to take them out and let them play, I am not a medical expert to comment on this but don’t you feel the urge to breath fresh air and reconnect with nature. Moving on to the important part of the article, we take a list of kids games on phone¬†that your kids can enjoy and develop their cognitive ability, helping them to learn newer skills as well as improving the academics performance of your kids.

Two of the smartphone OS platform i.e. Android and iOS, have amazing games in their App store that your kids will love it while making it very much enjoyable and helping them in the training the brain.

So The Kids Games On phone You Need To Install

Lego Games

The Lego games are one of the games that your kids will enjoy as they make exciting and fun games such as tiles, comics, etc. They are one of the original creators and know how to maintain originality while providing fun and learning at the same time. Lego games are basically free games while few games might have in-app purchases, so be aware to not click on the links that will land on the purchases page.

Disney Games

Disney games are basically dedicated to the kids and the studio has the reputation of creating games that kids will enjoy playing. Some of the important games from this production house are Disney Cross Road, Epic Mickey, Disney Infinity, Disney Star Wars, Disney Where’s My Water, etc. These games are free to download and can be found in the App store.

The Room

The Room is a great puzzle game that was developed by Fireproof Games and has received many quality reviews from some of the biggest Tech sites and this game can help your kids improve brain functionality but it is suited for adults kids.The background music, storyline, and overall graphics are the reason to choose this game.

Conclusion :

If you are still looking for games that your kids will enjoy and also learn then look further and visit the app store and these kids games on phone right now.


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