Best Ideas for Kids Games

Best Ideas for Kids Games

It’s your kid’s birthday and you want to celebrate with all the kids in your family and friends then you have to plan properly so that everything goes right and your guests get happy while leaving the office. Apart from food, decoration, gifts, dance and music games are the most interesting and loved part of a kid’s birthday party. At last, they are kids and every kid in this world love to play games. If you are planning to host a party and wish to arrange games for the kids then in this article we will discuss some of the best kids games ideas and discuss how to play and manage all those games. Check out the following article below:

  • Prize Walk:

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If you are inviting kids between 2-4 years of age then the Prize Walk is the best game you can set for your kids to play. This game is all about chits, numbers and music so what you need to do is write a set of number from 1 to 30 on small chits and stick it on the ground circularly. Again make same number chits shuffled all together placed in a bowl or basket. Play some dance music and let the kids walk through the circle and instruct them to stop at their position whenever the music stops. If the kid is standing on a number that matches with the number he/she picks up from the basket that player will win that game and receive prizes.

  • Bubble Wrap Race:

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This is one of the simple kids games ideas you can set up for the kids attending the party. You just need to roll out a large sheet of bubble wrap on the ground and ask them to cross the sheet without any popping sounds. Yes, it sounds bit tricky but trusts me its an amazing game to play and the kids will love this game the most. The kid who crosses the wrap without any or lesser popping sounds wins the game.

  • Balloon Bursts:

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This game is best for the kid’s group aged over 4 years of age, what you need to set up as a parent is to just write some challenges on paper chits and insert them into the balloons. Now the kids need to burst the balloons till the music plays and once it gets stopped the kid who has the last balloon popped needs to perform the task mentioned in the chits which will create a huge laugh on the party.

The above-mentioned kids games ideas have briefed you about some of the popular games you can arrange at your kids birthday party and make it more special and memorable for all.

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